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Welcome to Professional Private Piano Lessons Orange County

“When you play, never mind who listens to you.”
Robert Schumann
Piano Lessons Orange County presented by Certified Music Teacher's Association of California(MTAC) Active member Krema Lyutskanova
Private piano lessons are extremely individualized depending on the ages and the best interests of each student! They are designed to allow students to discover their musicality by exploring the instrument through gentle guidance from teachers.

To help my students look forward to music lessons, all students are allowed to play piano music they like in addition to the traditional repertoire. Most students who begin lessons with a negative opinion on "Classical" music and leave with a newfound appreciation and love for the genre.

Piano lesson length varies from 30,45 and 60 minutes. Lesson Curriculum includes Note Reading, Sight Reading, Scales, Technique, Musicianship, Music Theory, Music History. The methods used vary depending on which teacher, but I am familiar with all of the popular piano methods such as: ABRSM,Faber, James Bastien, Alfred, John Thompson, Nikolaev-Russian Methods,Lidia Kuteva-Bulgarian Methods and Certificate of Merit Program.

Scales and other technical studies are always included in lessons because they are an important part of developing excellent technique.
* No trail or free lessons
Monthly Payments
30-Minute Weekly Private Lessons:
$ 140/4 lessons/$35 per lesson
45-Minute Weekly Private Lessons:
$200/4 lessons/$50 per lesson
60-Minute Weekly Private Lessons:
$260/4  lessons/$65 per lesson
**Travel Charges
$20 per visit

**Travel Charges apply when Student is within 15 miles of Rancho Santa Margarita.
*** Theory Books

  • Recommended Piano lesson duration for  Preschoolers  is 30 minutes.
  • Recommended Piano lesson duration for Kindergartners and Grade 1 is 45 minutes.
  • Recommended Piano lesson duration for Grade 2 and up 60 minutes.
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Krema's Student-Age 6


            Annual Piano Recital 2017    

                          Performing Krema Lyutskanova with Original Composition  "Folk Variations"                  

May 2017 Recital Guest Performance

Piano lessons for Pre Schoolers & Kindergarteners

Professional Piano lessons for Pre Schoolers & Kindergarteners

Ms.Krema's Student -Age 2.9

Ms.Krema's Student Age 5

My piano/keyboard lessons for pre-school and kindergarteners are unique because I  find creative ways to make the lessons fun, while gently introducing your child to music.
In order to make the learning process engaging, lessons for young children usually include movement, such as clapping, dancing, snapping their fingers, singing, or marching in place.
I  tap into your child's imagination and change my teaching techniques to fit each child, so that I may best help them understand music.

Is my child old enough to take piano lessons?
The majority of students are ready to take lessons by the age of 5; however, some may be prepared as young as age 3 or 4.
I accept students for piano beginning at age 3.
What does my child need to know before beginning lessons?

Students should be able to say their alphabet (from A-G at least) and know how to count to 5 before beginning lessons.
It helps if your child has an interest in music, but even if they do not visibly show it by singing or dancing often, most children enjoy find that they enjoy playing after just a couple of months of lessons!
As a parent, how much do I have to be involved in the lessons?
It is up to you as a parent to make practicing part of your daily schedule. Within a few months, most young students realize that while it takes work to learn to play music, it has very satisfying results.

It is important that you have the time to set aside time in each day to practice with your child to offer encouragement and a guiding hand. Most young children are not as motivated as older children to do the correct kind of practice: part of the music lesson process at young ages is to help develop attention to detail & attention span for practice, as well as patients with themselves as the learning process is new to them.

Ms.Krema's Student-Age 4
 How long will it take my child to be able to read music?
Some children can read music in as little as one week, and for others, it takes a year or two. It depends on the child, and you should allow them to learn at their own pace. I am trained to introduce music to each student in a gentle, but the encouraging manner, where each student is challenged but not to the point of discouragement.
Ms.Krema's Student- Age 4

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In Home Music Classes

In Home Music Classes
No Driving to Your Music Lesson!
Life is busy in Orange County and the last thing you want to do with the rising cost of gasoline is to worry about fighting traffic to get to a music class.

Let me come directly to your home with convenient in-home piano lessons!

Ms.Krema's Student Age 6

Ms.Krema's Student Age 6

Save With Affordable Lessons!
Payment for my lessons is a flat weekly rate.

Piano Lesson: 60 min-$ 65
 Experienced Music Teacher With a Fresh Approach
I am rooted in the idea that music lessons can be an incredible learning tool for determination, patience, self-esteem, and problem-solving in all areas of life.
I work with each student on an individual and positive basis to help them reach their highest potential.
I have Bachelor degree and impressive teaching and performing experience.

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Adult Piano Lessons

Adult Piano Lessons in Orange County
It's never too late to start playing a musical instrument. If you can move your fingers and sit on a piano bench for one hour, you can take piano lessons and be making music in just weeks!
I'd be happy to set you up and come to your home.

Benefits of Piano Lessons as an Adult

  • keep your mind active ("use it or lose it", as they say)
  • relax and enjoy playing music
  • tap into your creative side and expand your horizons
  • wow your family and friends with your new talents
  • learn holiday and special occasion music
  • help your children or grandchildren with their practicing
  • make a new friend in your piano teacher
  • challenge yourself and make goals
What do I need to Start?
  • a piano or keyboard with a bench
  • a metronome
  • a positive attitude
If You Have Never Taken Piano Lessons Before
I will start you from the very beginning, the same way I would with a younger beginner, meaning we will talk a lot about technique (the way you sit, your hand positions, etc) and the basics of music theory (how to read notes).
To get the best results out of your piano lessons, you must practice daily.
If you have a particular goal in mind (ie learning a specific piece), please let me know and we will devise a lesson plan based on that goal.
If You Took Piano Lessons as a Child

The way I approach teaching piano to you is probably very different than your childhood teacher.
 I will discuss the way you sit at the piano, the way you hold your hands and fingers, and how to make incorporate expression as well the reviewing the basics of note reading, rhythms and other music theory. I will give you many ways to look at reading music so you may pick the way which works best for you.
Things that you may have found difficult as a child may be easy now, and things that were simple may seem difficult, so be prepared to challenge me and yourself and practice daily!
Affordable Private Piano Lessons.
Location:South Orange County,CA. All Ages. Fun!
Piano lessons for kids can start at age 3. Piano is the best instrument for any student to start, because piano is the basic foundation of music. If you are skilled at the piano, it is a lot easier to learn other instruments. All music majors in college must have courses in piano, before they can graduate. I  highly recommend that students begin musical studies in piano.

 I teach private lessons full time and have had the privilege of working with hundreds of students ranging from raw beginners with no experience to advanced players seeking specialized training. If you are looking for someone who is experienced, supportive, patient, and versatile then contact me today!

Area of Serving:
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